Sarah. 21. Working on a stronger, healthier self. I love snowboarding, tech N9NE, anything pink, and weed.
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@brittany_dawn_fitness: I always like to be real with all of you, as you already know. And nothing makes me laugh more than hearing someone talk about me, & say that I’m fake. If I’m fake, then I don’t want to know what real is. Anyways, random facts about me.. because I felt like filling you all in on more about me❤️ I’m an ED soldier.. I’ve dealt with anorexia athletica, binging eating & restricting disorder, & depression.  IIFYM changed my relationship with food, forever.  I’m a science junky, never failed a science class in school, & all my state exams for science in high school, I scored 95% or higher.  I grew up riding/training/showing quarter horses (11 years) & I can hold my own in a herd of cattle on the back of a cutting horse.  Texas born, Texas raised. I have one tattoo on my right foot that says “For He will free my feet from the enemies net. Psalms 25:15” Buy me a Starbucks Green Tea & I’ll love you forever. I’ve recently fallen in love with pistols, shooting, & handling guns. I stopped tanning in beds 8 months ago after a skin scare on my back, used to tan 5-6 days/week. I learned how to do the Soulja Boy dance in high school.. & still know how to🙈😂 I’m obsessed with Angels & Airwaves, & chances are if you love them too, we could be best friends. I had seizures as a baby, & almost drowned in a swimming pool twice as a toddler. My daddy saved me the first time, & my mom the second. I gave my life to Christ on July 3, 2007.. one of the best days of my life. I’m very bubbly, outgoing, & fun to be around, but if you hurt me, I will build walls in a heartbeat. I dance & sing in my car WAY too much. I want to visit Greece, Africa, & Australia someday soon. I’ve been told I’m one of the best advice givers.. yet I’m still learning to take my own advice to heart.  Most of all: I’ve lived, I’ve learned, I’ve loved. I’ve been hurt, I’ve healed, I’ve gotten stronger. I’ve known pain, but now I know happiness. I’m human, I make mistakes, but I love my life. I’m real. I’m raw. I’m honest. I don’t try to be someone I’m not. The end. #Fitspo #Fitspiration #BikiniPro #LegionOfBoom #InstagramFitness #FitChicks #FitnessMotivation #GymChicks

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